So the first "company" I called to come fix my malfunctioning power window told me they would get to me between 2 and 4pm...never showed, and then never answered phone calls after. The next guy came out, charged me $35.00 for using a zip-tie to fix a connection, and immediately after he left, my window didn't work again. Frustrations mounting, I called POWER WINDOW FIX, with low expectations after my first 2 experiences. Eli came to my location, an hour after I called, even though he told me because of my late call he might not be able to make until the next day. He changed his plans to help me out, was there in an hour, and fixed my window (electrical issue, which many of these "power window repair" jokesters know nothing about) in less than 30 minutes and even showed me what was wrong. The best advice I could give ANYONE who has a power window issue is to forget anyone else. CALL ELI at POWER WINDOW FIX and be done with your problem. I would have saved a lot of $$$ if I had just called him first, which is why I'm leaving this review now. He doesn't just change motors (I did that myself), he finds and fixes any electrical issue that may be the problem. These other yahoo's don't know their way around a light switch, let alone automobile electrical. Thanks again, for everything!!!

Matthew L.

went above and beyond was very punctual with time answered my phone calls did extra things that wasn't even supposed to be fixed with my window and he definitely save today

Lloyda T.

Had a Ford Ranger 2001. He diagnosed over the phone the problem from a sound. Top notch service and price. When the passenger one goes I'll be calling Eli back GREAT WORK!

Sunshine Roadside Services LLC

This Guy is Amazing! He came to my place 25 min. and fixed my car in less than 20 min. UNLIKE Safelite or other dealers. After Two Years of him repairing my window ITS STILL UP! and working fine! I recommend this guy you will not regret it.

Ariel Y.

Ilan truly loves his profession. He's focused, secure, kind, truly honest, reasonably priced(!!), actually never experienced so much satisfaction!

Ora K.

came to my place had it done in 30 minutes i would totally recommend this guy

Gabriel Y.

Quick service very fair price.

Tyler C.

Great service. Would definitely recommend to any one.

Yarden Y.

great service. came over gave a great price. I would use him again and would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a window repair

Moti B.

just had my window repaired by Elan. this is our third one! Defiantly recommend any time !

Roy S.

i found this guy online to fix power window problem i had
after long search trying to avoid High dealer prices ($328)
power window came to my house and did good job for only $145
bottom line i will recommend him A+

Max N.

Showed up on time. Had my window repaired in no time. Thanks for a job well done.

Max E.